Quick Pixelmator Tut

guitarplayer-jump3This tut came out the other day on Pixelmator's website and caught my eye. I ended up changing quite a bit because I did not care for the halftone effect, play around with this one it was fun! Never Stop Learning.....

Follow this link and play with Pixelmator!

Pixelmator Rocks

Pixelmator Image Editing and More!Pixelmator_logo
Pixelmator will blow your doors off! It was built exclusively for Mac OS X and it's called the image editor for the rest of us. Lets face it Photoshop is expensive. I have Photoshop and I think you should too, but if you can't afford it right now buy Pixelmator heck even if you own Photoshop I still think you should buy it. It's a beautiful, well laid out piece of software with incredible usability. It's 59 bucks and you can find 10 percent off coupons online. It's fun, and getting better and better, they just released version 1.5. Here is a great page of tutorials to get you started Abduzeedo Pixelmator Tuts.