Quick Pixelmator Tut

guitarplayer-jump3This tut came out the other day on Pixelmator's website and caught my eye. I ended up changing quite a bit because I did not care for the halftone effect, play around with this one it was fun! Never Stop Learning.....

Follow this link and play with Pixelmator!

Book Review: Layers by Matt Kloskowsi

I've been on a photoshop bender the past few weeks (needed a break from the JavaScript) and wanted to let you know about a great Photoshop book. I've been through the whole thing multiple times and have done all of the tutorials and cant say enough about this book for learning about layers and more. Don't think that it's just about Layers, it's not, you can't talk about layers without talking about much more. Matt goes into photo retouching, dodging, burning, type layers, shape layers and more. The examples and tutorials are easy to follow and they are examples that you can put to use in your own work right away.


I highly recommend this book for beginner to intermediate photoshop users. It's a great reference to use later as you forget how to do something because you haven't done it in 6 months....... mine is marked up, highlighted and always sitting by my computer.
Five Hearts ♥♥♥♥♥