Quick Pixelmator Tut

guitarplayer-jump3This tut came out the other day on Pixelmator's website and caught my eye. I ended up changing quite a bit because I did not care for the halftone effect, play around with this one it was fun! Never Stop Learning.....

Follow this link and play with Pixelmator!

Vintage Diary Photoshop Tut Rundown

Vintage Traveler Diary

Another photoshop tut! this one was endless for me, I tweaked and changed stuff for several days and finally just said enough is enough! You can tweak forever. The crux of the non-stop tweaking is photoshop skills or the lacking thereof...... you always want to make something look better or more realistic. But, this is why we are doing PS tut's in the first place to get better and learn new skills with PS.

This tut by Nikola Lazarevic aka Colaja from Nis, Serbia will make you use several different ways to extract objects from there background and there is a great technique using layers that I have never done before, extracting the pages from the notebook and placing them back on top so you can slide your polaroids under the pages! simple, yes, but very cool. When you get to the extraction of the coffee cup you are suppose to use paths and I could not get this to work, have never really dove into this area and there was not enough explanation for me, I clicked and clicked and selected and tried many different things to no avail. I ended up using the magnetic lasso tool to extract the cup and it did a great job with no further need to refine the edge. I played a lot with the warming filter and the scratch brushes to try making things look old and worn.

Here are the links:

I've read reports that some of the links to downloads are gone now, maybe too much interest in them from this tut I'm not sure. I've confirmed that the journal is gone now, I would suggest that you search online for creative common stuff or just go to a stock photo site and pay a few bucks to download a old looking journal, make it more your own. Or you could take your own picture, but thats a whole other project ; ). I've also read that people are having trouble downloading the scratch brushes, the only trouble I ran into was not being able to download them from the Safari web browser, just use Firefox and all is well. If you know why this is please let me know, I am curious why one browser will not let you download and another will.

Have fun with this one and send me a link to what your artistic interpretation was. I might sneak back in and tweak just a littttle bit more.......