A smile somewhere from the 70's taken by my mother.    

A smile somewhere from the 70's taken by my mother. 


capturing smiles...

One of the best things I can do as a photographer is to capture a smile. Pure emotion frozen in a split second and saved forever in bits and bytes. 

I will never tire of this endeavor. When you capture it you know it. Every time you look,  memories flood back, you can't help but smile. This is the power of photography. This is why I love it. 

I was exposed to photography for the first time in high school. It was an art elective taught by Mr. Trani. Armed with an old Nikon from my dad I took as many pictures as my film budget would allow. We were very lucky to have a full darkroom and developed all our own work. I fell for it back then and have kept returning to it over and over again. I hope that you enjoy my labor of love. 

A big thank you to dad for my first camera and to Mr. Trani for teaching me about the basics. I miss that old revolving door into the darkroom, you never knew what you were going to come out with...

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